Project Progress: Metal Structures for the Jorge Chávez Airport

In the Jorge Chavez Airport Expansion project, we have 40% progress in the workshop engineering stage, with the first manufacturing and assembly plans for the anchors located in the concrete columns already completed, with the manufacturing of these anchors beginning the first days of the month of October. In this first engineering stage we have had a positive performance, managing to reduce the initial schedule times and thus helping our client with the project priorities.

It is precisely to fulfill these priorities that another of the activities that managed to improve its deadline is the procurement of the first tons of steel, this was possible thanks to an exhaustive search of our logistics area both in the local and international markets in neighboring countries. to ours, managing to obtain the first steel profiles on dates prior to those of the initial programming.

Our plant has been conditioned and equipped with the spaces and resources necessary for this project. Our assembly team, led by the project manager, has been preparing and reviewing with the client the assembly plans, histograms of personnel and equipment, as well as the study. detailed description of each previous activity for the start of work on site.

The weekly meetings we have with the client summarize our good performance in this start of the project. We both hope that this joint work will lead us to satisfactorily meet the deadlines and quality that this emblematic project demands of us.



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Project Progress: Metal Structures for the Jorge Chávez Airport

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