Participation in Perumin 2022

“After 3 years of waiting, PERUMIN is back. We have gone through a long period in which we have had to face truly critical circumstances for the world, for our country, and for our population. But regardless of social distancing, spaces for analysis, dialogue and debate continue to be promoted around Peruvian mining, with a clear objective: to seek alternatives so that the contribution of mining to the well-being of our populations is increasingly greater.

From this perspective, it is presented with the motto “Building a better Peru together.”

This is the objective that concentrates the workers of this mining industry, which has been the main support that the country has had to face the hardest stage of the last 50 years of history.

Let us join forces to demonstrate that Peru is a mining power in the world.”

(Claudia Cooper, President of PERUMIN 35, 2022)

With the words of the famous Claudia Cooper, PERUMIN 2022 was opened, of which CEMPROTEC was part of this September 26 to 30.

But what is Perumin?

This is a meeting center for mining experts and main industry suppliers, held at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, located in the city of Arequipa and organized by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru.

Where we provide the opportunity to industry professionals with great decision-making capacity, compare, learn about the innovations we have, experience the new changes in our company and find different conferences or interviews of interest.

(Name: Perumin 2022 -CEMPROTEC)

Our participation included a presence in the commercial area, with stands 36, 37, 46 and 47 of pavilion B. A dynamic space where we received them in the most friendly way and clarified any questions or concerns they had on the subject.

Furthermore, this was the right opportunity to show them a new image, with which we implemented our great work philosophy, the SUMA philosophy.

With which we forge our proactive, positive, reliable and quality character. Adding the new values of experience, commitment, closeness, support.

Looking for new challenges, benefits and we will provide more attention, communication and security to our projects.

Committing to maintaining harmony, providing greater unity and connection with which we will achieve effective management and development of the country.



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Participation in Perumin 2022

“After 3 years of waiting, PERUMIN is back. We have gone through a long period in which we have had...